Illuminate Hope: Thalassemia Awareness Seminar & Screening Camp at Aziz Fatimah Hospital

Shining a light on Thalassemia! Step into the enlightening world of our seminar and screening camp, held with care and dedication at Aziz Fatimah Hospital. Our event delved deep into understanding Thalassemia, shedding light on its nuances, challenges, and potential solutions. With passionate speakers, informative sessions, and interactive activities, we empowered attendees with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards combating this condition. Knowledge truly is power, and together, through initiatives like this, we illuminate pathways to a healthier, brighter future. Join us in spreading awareness and fostering hope! #KnowledgeIsPower #AFHInitiative 💡



MBBS 13th Batch White Coat Ceremony 2023-2024

The White Coat Ceremony for the MBBS 13th Batch (Session 2023-2024) took place on February 12, 2024, marking a pivotal moment in the journey of medical and healthcare education. Major Gen. Retd Dr. Muhammad Aslam graced the occasion as our esteemed chief guest.

Accompanying him were noteworthy figures including the Managing Trustee, Mr. Muhammad Adrees, along with Mian Javaed Iqbal, Mian Abdullah, and the Principal of AFMDC, Prof Dr. Muhammad Saeed. The ceremony commenced with an invocation to the name of Allah, followed by recitations of Hamd and Naat Rasool-e-Maqbool (SAW).

Principal Prof Dr. Muhammad Saeed administered the Oath, underlining the significance of medical education and the college’s regulations. Mr. Muhammad Adrees, the Managing Trustee, shared valuable insights and encouragement drawn from his experiences, aiming to inspire the students as they step into clinical training.

Dr. Muhammad Aslam, our chief guest, underscored the importance of professionalism, empathy, and patient-centered care in the medical profession. The presence of family and friends added to the atmosphere of communal support and pride in the students’ achievements.

The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks from Mian Javed Iqbal, followed by group photos capturing the memorable moments shared by faculty members, students, and esteemed guests.


Uniting Against Thalassemia

Today marked a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to raise awareness about Thalassemia, a genetic blood disorder affecting millions worldwide. We gathered at Aziz Fatimah Hospital for a special walk, symbolizing our solidarity in combating this condition. Thalassemia not only impacts individuals but also families and communities, emphasizing the urgency of our collective action.

By participating in this walk, we’ve taken a tangible step forward in spreading awareness and educating others about Thalassemia’s realities and challenges. Our united front sends a powerful message of support to those affected by the disorder and underscores our commitment to making a meaningful difference.

Together, let’s continue to amplify our voices, advocate for increased research and resources, and foster greater understanding about Thalassemia. Through our combined efforts, we can enhance support systems, improve access to treatment, and ultimately strive towards a world where Thalassemia no longer poses a threat to individuals’ health and well-being.


The ISO surveillance audit at Aziz Fatimah Hospital on March 24, 2022, indicates a review of the hospital’s management system to ensure it continues to meet the ISO standards.

For a successful surveillance audit, consider the following steps:

  1. Review Previous Audit Findings: Go over any findings from previous audits and ensure they have been addressed and closed.
  2. Preparation of Documentation: Ensure all required documents (procedures, policies, records) are up-to-date, accurate, and readily available.
  3. Staff Awareness: Make sure all relevant staff members are aware of the audit and understand their roles and responsibilities during the process.
  4. Training and Competence: Confirm that staff members are adequately trained for their roles and that they have the necessary competence to perform their tasks effectively.
  5. Process Verification: Double-check that all processes are being executed as per the documented procedures.
  6. Internal Audits: Conduct internal audits before the surveillance audit to identify and rectify any potential non-conformities.
  7. Management Review: Ensure that top management conducts a review of the system to assess its effectiveness and make necessary improvements.
  8. Corrective Actions: If any non-conformities are identified, take corrective action promptly and document these actions.
  9. Communication: Keep communication lines open with the auditors. If they request any information or clarification, provide it in a timely manner.
  10. Stay Calm and Transparent: During the audit, be calm and transparent. If you don’t know an answer, it’s okay to say so. It’s better to provide accurate information later than to guess.

Remember, the purpose of the surveillance audit is to ensure that your hospital continues to comply with the ISO standards. Use it as an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and strengthen your management system. Good luck with your audit!



We are delighted to announce an exclusive wellness event organized by Colgate, in collaboration with Aziz Fatimah Hospital. Join us for five days of health-focused activities, informative sessions, and free checkups designed to promote your well-being.

📅 *Event Dates:* September 11, 2023, to September 15, 2023
🏥 *Location:* Aziz Fatimah Hospital

*Event Highlights:*

  • *Free Health Checkups:* Avail yourself of complimentary health checkups conducted by the skilled healthcare professionals at Aziz Fatimah Hospital. Your well-being is our priority.
  • *Informative Sessions:* Gain valuable insights into oral health, hygiene, and overall wellness through engaging presentations and discussions led by experts from Colgate.
  • *Interactive Workshops:* Participate in hands-on workshops to learn practical tips and techniques for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including proper dental care.
  • *Giveaways and Samples:* Colgate will be providing free samples and giveaways, ensuring you leave with the tools and knowledge to enhance your health.
  • *Community Building:* Connect with fellow community members, healthcare professionals, and representatives from Colgate to foster a sense of shared well-being.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to prioritize your health! Spread the word, invite your friends and family, and be a part of this collaborative effort to build a healthier, happier community.

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