MBBS 13th Batch White Coat Ceremony

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MBBS 13th Batch White Coat Ceremony 2023-2024

The White Coat Ceremony for the MBBS 13th Batch (Session 2023-2024) took place on February 12, 2024, marking a pivotal moment in the journey of medical and healthcare education. Major Gen. Retd Dr. Muhammad Aslam graced the occasion as our esteemed chief guest.

Accompanying him were noteworthy figures including the Managing Trustee, Mr. Muhammad Adrees, along with Mian Javaed Iqbal, Mian Abdullah, and the Principal of AFMDC, Prof Dr. Muhammad Saeed. The ceremony commenced with an invocation to the name of Allah, followed by recitations of Hamd and Naat Rasool-e-Maqbool (SAW).

Principal Prof Dr. Muhammad Saeed administered the Oath, underlining the significance of medical education and the college’s regulations. Mr. Muhammad Adrees, the Managing Trustee, shared valuable insights and encouragement drawn from his experiences, aiming to inspire the students as they step into clinical training.

Dr. Muhammad Aslam, our chief guest, underscored the importance of professionalism, empathy, and patient-centered care in the medical profession. The presence of family and friends added to the atmosphere of communal support and pride in the students’ achievements.

The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks from Mian Javed Iqbal, followed by group photos capturing the memorable moments shared by faculty members, students, and esteemed guests.

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