Board of Trustees

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Mian Muhammad Idrees  Mian Muhamamd Adrees
CEO Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd - (Managing Trustee)
Mina Imran Ghafoor Mian Imran Ghafoor
CEO Sitara Peroxide Ltd - (Deputy Managing Trustee/Member)
 Mian Javaid Iqbal Mian Javaid Iqbal
CEO Sitara Energy and Sitara Fabrics - (Trustee/Member)
 Mian Anees Mian Muhammad Anees
CEO Sitara Textile Industries Ltd - (Trustee/Member)
 Mrs Naila Anees Mrs. Naila Anees
House Wife - (Trustee/Member)

 Mr. Ijaz Hussain Mr. Ijaz Hussain
Director CEO Sect/HR, Sitara Chemical Industries Ltd - (Trustee/Member)
 Sheikh Waseem Hasan Sheikh Waseem Hasan
Executive Director Mediequips -  (Trustee/Member)
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