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ڈویژنل کمشنر ثاقب منان اور زیرِ تربیت افسران کی ٹیم نے مورخہ 03 ستمبر 2021 بروز جمعہ عزیز فاطمہ ہسپتال کے مختلف شعبوں کا دورہ کیا۔
دورہ کے دوران عزیز فاطمہ ہسپتال کے مینیجنگ ٹرسٹی میاں محمد ادریس صاحب (سی ای او - ستارہ کیمیکل انڈسٹریز لمیٹیڈ) اور اعلٰی افسران بھی موجود تھے

ISO Certificate

Aziz Fatimah Hospital is NOW a ISO Certified Hospital.Aziz fatimah Hospital achieved the certification ISO 9001:2008 in February 2016. To provide wide range of preventive, emergency, diagnostive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare services through standardized facilities and allied support.The services include Emergency, out-patients and in-patients departments for General Medicine, General Surgery, Gynecology and Obs. Orthopaedics, Dermatology, Urology, Ophthalmology, ENT, Anaesthesia, Psychiatry, Radiology, Pathology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy and Vaccination Centre.

Four pharmacies located inside the hospital are currently providing medicines to the patients comparatively at cheaper rates than the market.

  • Green Plus Pharmacy
  • Madina Pharmacy
  • Zahid Pharmacy  

16 Slice CT Scan is in process of installation in Aziz Fatimah Hospital. It will provide modern diagnostic facilities and will also assist in treatment modalities and procedures. The salient facilities include:-

  • Cerberal angiography (Cerebral blood flow analysis)
  • Colon view
  • Lung volume analysis
  • Vessels view
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Liver Studies

The system will be operative during month of April, 2013.


13 beds state of the art ICU/CCU has been established at Aziz Fatimah Hospital on which over 3.5 millions have been spent. Latest equipment like Ventilators, Cardiac Monitors, Central Oxygen / Suction, Central Monitoring System, Mobile X-Ray and Echocardiography, Defibrillators, Electronic beds have been provided.

ICU /CCU qualified and trained doctors, nurses and Para- medical staff has been employed to provide 24 hours quality medical care to the patients.The facility of ICU /CCU is first of its kind in any private sector hospitals in Faisalabad.

HDU-High Dependency Unit in AFH has been established being a part of ICU which consists of 5 beds. The unit is specislly staffed, equipped and provides services at comparatively low rates.HDU has 24 hour access to Intensive care services.Haemodynamically unstable patients are provided treatement besides the patients requiring post operative care for intra operative complications.

1. Brand new Toshiba Japan, 500 MA, CR Digital System X-Ray(Toshiba Japan) unit has been installed at Aziz Fatimah Hospital. Similarly, Mobile X-Ray Unit,350 MA has also been installed at AFH. Addition of these units provides quality X-Ray services both to the patients & Consultants.


Aziz Fatimah Hospital was established in 1979. Sitara Group of industries besides diversified business activities in the field of Textile, Energy, Chemicals, Industrial Gases, etc is fully committed towards its roll of social responsibility. This philanthropic approach has culminated in establishing number of welfare ventures under the umbrella of Aziz Fatimah Trust. Aziz Fatima Hospital is a project functioning under Aziz Fatimah Trust and is situated in city area of Faisalabad providing medical care to the population of Faisalabad city and adjoining areas.