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In the department, all types of major and minor orthopedic procedures are being carried with very good outcomes. The operations usually performed are fixation of all types of fractures by DCPs, K,nails, Inter locking nails (close), surgical  correction of congenital anomalies like, club foot, torticolis  , sprengel  shoulder, developmental dysplasia of hip, haemi-total othroplastry of hip and kee joints, management of non union of long bones fractures and K.Wire procedures for pediatric fractures.

All types of reconstructive surgery replacement surgery for hip knee, shoulder and elbow joints and hand reconstructive surgery has been planned to be carried out in Orthpedic Department in very near future.

Head of Department is a renowned orthopedic surgeon, qualified from Pakistan (Fellow of College of Physician and Surgeon, Pakistan and United Kingdom (Member of Royal College of Physician & Surgeon, Glasgow).


Dr Zulfiqar Ahmed  
Dr Zulfiqar Ahmed  
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