Clinical Departments

Clinical Departments

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General Surgery

General Surgery (3)

Department of Surgery is headed by Prof.Dr.Riaz Hussanin Dab Professor of surgery, Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon. Surgical sevices are provided to the patients in General & Executive OPD. AFH got most modern and well equipped operation theater. Department of Surgery is a prominent setup to perform on minor, major and extra major surgical procedures. This is the only surgical department in private setup which is attached State of the Art ICU & HDU. Laparoscopic surgical facilities are also available to the patients.

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Neurosciences (5)

Department of Neurosciences-Neurology & Neuro Surgery is headed by renowned Consultants Dr.Azam Aslam Neuro physician and Dr.Naeem ur Rahman Neuro Surgeon.Department is the most important functional entity of the hospital.Patients with all kinds of Cerebral and Neurological disorder are examine and providing treatment by Professionally qualified Consultants, using the latest powerful Neuro imaging and post processing tools equipped with advanced medical facility like MRI,CT-Scan(Multi Slice) for investigations of various Neurological complications and swift screening of different part of the body.A fully equipped ICU/HDU with ventilators ,Blood Gas Analyzer, 24 Hours Cardiac & Respiratory monitoring facilities for critically ill neurological patients is available.Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation is working under auspices of Neuro Sciences,where Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy services are provided by professionally qualified Physiotherapist.

Neuroscience 2

Neuroscience 1

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Orthopaedic (2)

Department of Orthopaedics is headed by Prof.Dr.Noor Akbar Sial MBBS,FCPS(Orthopaedic Surgery).Various orthopaedic surgeries like Plating , Nailing, Total knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Hand Surgery and Trauma Cases are treated as per ATLS guidelines. The.The services of General Ward, Semi Private Ward, VIP rooms ICU and HDU are available. In near future,Ortho Department is expected to be registered with CPSP (Collage of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan) for FCPS Part II training in Orthopaedics.

Prof.Dr.Noor Akbar Sial & Dr.Zulfiqar Ahmad Assistant Professor with their team are providing 24 hour services to their patients.At present , Orthopaedic Department of AFH is the biggest department in private sector hospitals in Faisalabad.




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Child Health

Child Health (2)

Departments of Pediatrics is headed by Dr.Tahir Mahmood Kahloon MBBS, FCPS, Consultant Pediatrician & Assistant Professor (Pediatrics) Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College /AFH.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU) is purposed built, one of the best NICU in Faisalabad , providing specialized care to extremely sick and premature neonates through the properly trained nursing staff and specialist doctors. NICU has got almost all kind of essential facilities including  ventilators, cardiac monitors, photo therapy Machines , overhead Warmers and neonatal Resuscitation Trolleys, Portable X-Ray along with 24 hours back up with excellent diagnostics adds to its excellence.

A separate children Emergency unit is also available where round the clock Emergency services are extended to the pediatric patients.

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Medicine (4)

Department holds most prominent and well reputed physicians of the city and is one of the busiest service of Aziz Fatimah Hospital. It is a 32 beds facility with daily outdoor service for which Aziz Fatimah Medicine department has the repute.besides this, 25 Private and 63 semi private rooms , 9 VIP and ICU & HDU are also available for admitted patients.

Department provides all the required services of internal medicine, gastroenterology, pulmonary medicine, and cardiology. Department has round the clock facilities of ecg, echo cardiology, gastroscopy and lungs function tests.


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Gynaecology (3)

One of the busiest departments of the hospital providing round the clock services of gynecology & obsteritic. The department has three fcps qualified gynecologists providing medical care to the gyne / obs patients. Round the clock medical cover by female medical officers is available, for emergency patients.

Department has a fully equipped labour room and operation theater with round the clock nursing services to the incoming patients. A senior consultant of the department, provides fertility service to the needy patients. The population welfare services is also extended to the population of the area with special emphasis on antenatal services.

Department is planning to provide service of pain free deliveries with the aim to provide best possible medicare of international standards.

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Urology (2)

Urology department is headed by a well reputed experienced visiting consultant and provides services in all state of art urological procedures such as cystoscopy, laproscopic techniques, stone removing techniques and transurethral prostatic removal methods. To provide all these services, hospital has all the latest equipment available.

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ENT-Ear Nose and Throat Surgery

ENT-Ear Nose and Throat Surgery (3)

ENT treatment / surgery services are provided by two visiting consultants. All the routine as well as specialized surgical procedures are being carried out in the department.

Department is planning for delicate ear surgery and soon this service will be available to the city populace. In addition all the modern audiometric arrangements are underway to diagnose / treat deafness in the children.

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Ophthalmology(Eye) (2)

The treatment facilities for common eye ailments are available in the department. The latest laser eye surgical procedures are being carried out as day care surgery. The facilities for optometric services are available in the department. The department is managed by a qualified ophthalmologist. Another senior consultant is being inducted shortly. As public welfare, free eye camps are arranged at regular intervals also.

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Radiology (2)

The hospital has a well equipped imaging and radiology department, headed by a highly qualified Consultant Dr.Fatime Imran. Following facilities are available:-

  • MRI - Most recent Model MRI 1.5 Tesla TOSHIBA open has been added in Aziz Fatimah Hospital,The only latest MRI of its type availabe in private sector hospitals in Faisalabad.
  • CT Scaner - Latest model Tosiba(japan) Multi-Slice hi-tech CT Scanner ALEXION-16 has been installed for having utmost reliable results.
  • X-Ray - 500MA & 100 MA latest model x-ray machines along with Ultrasound & Color Dopplers are available fro providing 24 hours services to the patients.
  • Dialysis - Well equiped Dialysis Center with 4 Dialysis Machines including TR-8000 YUGA Japan (TORAY) is an addition towards the latest and innovative medical equipment availabe in AFH for benfit and convenience of the patients.
  • Endoscopy - Endoscopy services are availabe for diagnosis treatment of GI tract diseases.Diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopic procedures are performed on latest equipment by a Consultant Physcian.
  • CTD - Carotid & Transcranial Doppler is availabe only in AFH Neurology department, where real time blood flow studies in brain and major neck vessels are performed to see any turbulence of blood flow or narrowinfg of vessels.
  • EEG - The unit is used in Neuro OPD for loooking brain activity through the surface of the scalp.
  • EMG - Equipment is used for testing skeletal muscle functioning to diagnose various neuropathies.

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Nephrology (1)

Haemodalysis centre was set up to provide latest renal dialysis facilities to the needy patients. At present five dialysis machines are working to provide the service. One dialysis machine is kept reserved for hepatitis b & c patient. To provide backup service and to provide quality care in this dialysis facility, a modern ro plant has been installed. A nephrologists and trained nursing and para medical staff is available to extend nephrology and dialysis services to the needy at very minimal rates.

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Dermatology (3)

Department of Dermatology is headed by Dr.Muhammad Saeed Ahmad.Patients attending Dermatology OPD (General & Executive) are examined & diagnosed by 02 female & 01 male  Dermatologist/Skin & Cosmetologist and Prof.Dr.Saeed Ahmad.Consultant Dermatologist & Venerologist.Eczema, Acne, Fungal infections,Scabies,Skin Warts,Melasma,Pyoderma.Atopic Dermatitis,Atopic Allergic disorders i-e . Acute Urticaria are commonly observed skin diseases Ultraviolet B.Therapy (UVB) & Lasers has already been planned for tratment of the patients.

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Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery (3)

Services of Dental & Maxilofacial Surgery like scaling , filling , RCT, Crown/Bridge, Cyst and fixed braces are available both in General and Executive OPD. 

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Anaesthesia (2)

The department of anesthesia is one of the most elaborate/technical departments. It consists of   five operation theatre, reserved for neurosurgery, general surgery, orthopedic/urology, eye surgery, and gynae surgery. One consultant, five medical officers, thirteen nurses, and ten operation theatre attendants perform their duties round the clock in three shifts. Each operation theatre has its separate anesthesia machines and separate monitoring facility.

Department provide general, regional, spinal, and epidural anesthesia facilities as per requirement of the patients. All international standard regarding patient safety, asepsis are followed by the department.

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Physiotherapy (1)

A well equipped physiotherapy department provides care to opd patients as well as all hospital clinical departments, especially rehabilitative support to neuro patients such as hemiplegic. The department is equipped by with all the latest physiotherapy machinery/ equipments required for rehabilitative services.

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Pathology (4)

Department of Pathology provides 24 hours diagnostic support to the hospital and surrounding localities. A dedicated and highly qualified team of Histopathologist, Micro-Biologist, Haematologist, Medical Technologist, Bio-Chemist run the service. Range of services includes all type of hematological studies, clinical chemistry, serology and microbiology studies.

Among the specialized tests/studies available to the clinical staff by pathology department are histopathology, bone marrow evaluation cytology, and electrolytes.

A modern blood bank provides the emergency requirements of clinical departments. All safety procedures regarding blood donation such as HIV and Hepatitis screening is performed. 

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Cardiology (1)

Cardiology OPD Unit has got services of qualified Consultant Cardiologist.Echocardiography is a significant test done for diagnosing various cardiac complications.Echocardiogrphy is done under supervision of a Consultant Cardiologist.Further facility of continuous ECG(Holter Monintor) is also available.  

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Nutrition (2)

Services of two Consultant Nutritionist and Dietatians are availabe.Patients are provided consultation for nutrition related disorders/diseases like Obesity , Blood Pressure , Blood Sugar , Heart & Kindny related disorders besides dietery Chart.

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Pulmonology (1)

A qualified Pulmonologist examines the patients in Executive OPD.Facility of tests like Pulmonary Function test, Cardiopulmonory Function , Spirometery , Sleep Study , Pleurosentises , Pleurodesis , Invasive and Non Invasive Ventilation is availab round the clock.

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Professor Gynae & obs

HOD of Department of Gynae & Obs




OPD Days:- Tue, Thu, Sat || Timing:- 09:00 to 02:00 PM ||     Exec OPD:- Daily || Timing:- 06:00 to 08:00 PM ||

Brain,Spine,Endoscopic Neuro Surgeon

Assistant Professor Neuro Surgery

Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental Collage, Faisalabad


M.D F.C.P.S (Neurosurery)


Private Days:-Mon to Thu  || Timing:- 04:00 to 09:00 PM ||                                                                                                       OPD Days:- Tue, Thu, Sat  || Timing:- 08:00 to 02:00 PM ||

Consultant Eye Specialist

Assistant Professor Ophthalmology



F.C.P.S (UK)


Private Days:- Daily Evening|| OPD Days:- Mon, Wed, Fri || Timing:- 09:00 to 02:00 PM || Eye Deparment

Consultant Physician

Aziz Fatimah Medical & Dental College/Hospital Faisalabd




OPD General Days:- Sat || Timing:- 10:00 to 02:00 PM || Medicine Department



MSc ,M.Phil (Food & Nutrition) Nutrionist


||Private Days:- Mon to Thur  ||Timing:- 09:00 to 12:00 Noon || Nutrition  Department

Consultant Nutrionist & Dietitian


BS (Human Nutrition & Dietetics) Nutrionist


||Private Days:- Mon to Sat  ||Timing:- 09:00 to 12:00 Noon || Nutrition  Department

Consultant Pulmonologist , TB & Chest




||Private Days:- Daily Evening ||Timing:- 05:00 to 06:00 PM || Pulmonology Department

Consultant Cardiologist


FCPS (Cardiology)


||Private Days:- Daily || Timing:- 07:00 to 09:00 PM || Cardiology Department

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