A well established 16 beded Accident & Emergency Department is providing free emergency services to general population.the patients are not charged for services rendered to them.On call Orthopaedic/Trauma Surgeon,Consultants in medicine and Neuro Surgery are available round the clock.
The Emergency diagnostics like Lab, CT.MRI, X-Ray are readily available.The patients monitoring, Central Oxygen & operation Theater facility for minor surgical procedures is also available within the department.

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Morning Schedule in General OPD 

1 Dr. Waqar Shamim Cardiology Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat
2 Dr. Qurat-Ul-Ain Dentistry Mon,Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat
3 Dr. Saeed Ahmad Dermatology Tue,Thu,Sat
4 Dr. Hafiza Hina Imtiaz Dermatology Mon,Wed,Fri
5 Dr. Saleem Tariq Dispensary Mon,Tue, Wed, Thu,Fri, Sat
6 Dr. Muhammad Hanif Dispensary Mon,Tue, Wed, Thu,Fri, Sat
7 Dr. Muhammad Saleem E.N.T Tue,Thu,Sat
8 Dr. Liaqat Ali Chattha E.N.T Mon,Wed,Fri
9 Dr. Babar Rafique E.N.T Tue, Thu, Sat
10 Dr. Sarwat Saqib Gen. Surgery Tue,Thu,Sat
11 Dr. Samia Imtiaz Alvi Gen. Surgery Mon,Wed,Fri
12 Dr. Zakria Rasheed Gen. Surgery Mon,Wed
13 Dr. Afzal Ur Rehman Gen. Surgery Mon,Wed
14 Dr. Sultan Mahmood Khan Gen. Surgery Tue,Thu,Sat
15 Dr. Nazia Mussrat Gynae/ Obs Mon,Wed,
16 Dr. Rahila Farhat Ch. Gynae/ Obs Tue,Thu,Sat
17 Dr. Nadia Zulfiqar Gynae/ Obs Mon,Wed,Fri
18 Dr. Shazia Anwar Gynae/ Obs Tue,Thu,Sat
19 Dr. Aaliya Farhan Gynae/ Obs Tue,Thu,Sat
20 Prof. Dr. Ghulam Abbas Sh. Medicine Mon,Fri
21 Dr. Nasir Mahmood Medicine & Endocrine Tue,Thu (Diabetic Clinic),Sat
22 Dr. Mubarak Ali Anjum Medicine Wed,Fri
23 Dr. M. Rizwan Sh Medicine Thu,Sat
24 Dr. Rizwan Rasul Khan Medicine Mon,Wed
25 Prof. Dr. Masood Javed Medicine Tue,Thu
26 Dr. Naeem Ur Rehman Neuro Surgery Tue,Thu,Sat
27 Dr. Azam Aslam Neurology Tue,Thu,Sat
28 Dr. Atif Maqsood Neurology Mon,Wed,Fri
29 Dr. Faisal Ghafoor Neurology -
30 Dr. Muhammad Ahmad EYE/ Ophthalmology Mon,Wed
31 Dr. Nasir Yasin EYE/ Ophthalmology Thu,
32 Dr. M. Aamir Shahzad EYE/ Ophthalmology Tue, Sat
33 Prof. Dr. Noor Akbar Sial Orthopaedics Tue,Thu,Sat
34 Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Orthopaedics Mon,Wed,
35 Dr. Shakil Ahmad Paediatrics Tue,Fri
36 Dr. Arshad Farooq Goraya Paediatrics Mon,Thu
37 Dr. Nisar Khan Sajid Paediatrics Wed,Sat
38 Dr. Subhan Ullah Ansari Psychiatry Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat
39 Ms. Moti Ul Mussawar Psychiatry Tue
40 Dr. Humaira Ahmad Pain Clinic (Anaesthesia) -
41 Hafsa Mughal Nutrition  Wed
42 Dr. Talat Mahmood Pulmonology Mon, Wed


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